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Erno Tauriainen, serial entrepreneur from Finland, in New York since 2011. Erno’s latest success story is being founder and Chief Revenue Officer of SPENT. New Yorkbased company offers merchant funded offline, online, card linked, coupons and cash back for apps, developers, fintechs and banks connecting millions of consumers to over 1M merchant locations. He is the visionary for the product and works with more merchants every day.


Prior to SPENT he has been an entrepreneur since mid-90s starting in family retail business in Finland ending up acquiring and growing the family company. After that founding several retail and b2b companies Erno moved to United States, New York in 2011 to start his first digital startup in mobile commerce space. Since then he has raised millions in capital, built teams and clientele including world’s largest retail brands such as Macy’s, Target, Starbucks and Walmart.

Erno is passionate connecting consumers and retail by leveraging multiple data points and latest technology to create value for all parties with a mission to build worldwide purchase based

sustainable environmental loyalty program around one currency which is cashless and paperless.


Originally from Oulu, Finland, Erno has a strong athlete background having played ice hockey in national level at Finland, United States and Canada. Today he is still playing senior men’s hockey

and working out at gym everyday mixing it with running and biking. Erno’s family is wife and two teenage daughters and they love to travel together.


Erno is giving back to his home country Finland by helping tech companies to enter the through his various positions as board member at Finnish American Chamber of Commerce, partner at Global Hills, Sniper Group as well as various advisory seats.


As younger son of entrepreneur he has always obeyed his father’s advice given as a kid “Never bring silver medal to home” making him very competitive and driven iron mind who never gives up. Anything is possible is his motto.

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