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Global Hills Group has been the preferred Business Development partner for USA expansion. We help organizations enter new market, innovate, find perfect investment opportunity, transform, grow and lead. We are a team of highly successful  experts that truly love building global companies and serving clients!

By analyzing comprehensively into client's business we help bring bold strategies to life in unexpected ways.  We blend a deep understanding of disruptive forces with industry experience to generate new ideas and products, new business models, and new relationships that can help them transform their organizations, expand to new market and lead.

The birth of a new business venture or the expansion of an established business requires a tremendous amount of creativity, energy and money.

Global Hills Group aims to help companies to launch and expand in the U.S. by leveraging our deep relationships and expertise in business development and commercialization strategies. Companies that peak our interest are companies in Medical Device, Technology Centric, Healthcare and Wellness, IoT Technologies, FMobility, Environmental and Sustainability companies.

Global Hills Group has helped numerous companies to launch and expand, including telecommunications companies, hospitality companies, logistics companies, companies operating in wellness, healthcare and lifestyle companies.

We perform exceptionally well in the area of Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Lead Generation, Commercializing, Product Development, Licensing, Executive Coaching, Investor Presentations, Financing, Investments and Merger and Acquisitions. Areas in which we have assisted client companies include Strategy Development; Financial Consulting; Revenue Development; and Project Management.

Global Hills Group aims to support your company in developing a strong position to compete in the U.S. by avoiding the major mistakes other companies make when entering the U.S. market and thereby securing your company’s long-term success.

Areas we focus are Market Research, Business Development, Lead Generation, and Commercialization to jump start our companies to generating revenues and profitability within a relatively short period of time while with Global Hills Group. In some cases, we will consider making a direct investment in companies that have a demonstrable operational discipline to continue to grow with our corporate relationships in the U.S.

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